Kathy & Karlo Etten

"Our favorite part of St. Mary's School is that their faculty and staff are committed to every one of the students. They promote a caring, respectful, and safe environment that is felt the moment you walk through the doors. St. Mary's prepares students to be responsible individuals with Christian vales. Academically our children have been given a wonderful education. They are well prepared to enter high school, but there is a lot more to St. Marys; weekly Mass with the whole school, athletic teams to compete with classmates, team building activities, traditions of Christmas programs and 8th grade graduation. You cannot match the level of caring, spiritual growth, character, and family atmosphere that is shown to each individual student and family by the staff at St. Mary's School."

Alyssa & Jesse Stuehrenberg

"When making the decision to enroll our children at St. Mary's School, it was the small class sizes and individualized attention from teachers and staff that first caught our attention. While the low student to staff ratio can't be beat, it quickly became clear that it is the social-emotional culture at St. Mary's that is the real show stopper. The administration and staff share a love for children and find joy in the role they play all their lives, while classmates life one another up. From the all-school morning prayer to the end of the week team building activities, to the the encouragement to know the Lord and the emphasis on service to the community, support for the development of strong character is evident. As a non-Catholic family, we have always received a warm welcome and our children have never been made to feel left out or less than! Being a St. Mary's alumni myself, I am thrilled to see that the learning environment that helped me develop into the person I am today has only been enhanced over the years!"